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About me - John Einar Sandvand
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John Einar Sandvand

About me

John Einar Sandvand

John Einar Sandvand

The short version: Journalist, manager, photographer, digital strategist, blogger and traveller. And with a heart for Asia 🙂

I am the type of guy who loves getting myself involved in new projects, also those I where I don´t really have the necessary experience and knowledge .Why? Because the process of getting to know a new area is in itself a stimulating and fun challenge.

I have worked in the media business all my professional life, but in very different positions. Most of my career has been in Schibsted Media Group and Norway´s largest newspaper, Aftenposten.  Over the years I have been journalist, correspondent in Asia, in charge of Aftenposten´s editorial production, digital strategist, in charge of setting up joint digital services in consumer news for five media houses and more.

I am now Chief Communications Officer in Schibsted Tech Polska in Krakow, Poland. I have been heavily involved in building up and expanding this digital development center since 2011. It has been an amazing startup experience! Schibsted Tech Polska now has 140 employees – almost all of them programmers – working for 17 differenct companies.

This is my personal web site. It will be used for occasional blogging about issues I care about – for instance photography. Most content will be in English, but some will also be written in Norwegian.

John Einar Sandvand

Relaxing a spring evening in Drøbak, Norway